TAABS technology or thermo active adaptive building systems have been applied in Ukrainian buildings since 2010.

The first building based on technology TAABS appeared in the Kiev region. It is a residential apartment building, 600 m2, 3 floors. There were overall constructed 5.2 thousand m2 based on this technology.

The closest international analogue – the system TABS – thermo active building system.

Small-format apartment buildings at Yasnogorodka

Private town “Yasny” that is being built on technology TAABS situated on 17 hectares

Contains residential apartment buildings – 7,2 thousand m2. Kiev region, Ukraine 2013 – 2014

Yasnogorodka cottages

Private town “Yasny”, 17 hectares, is being built on technology TAABS; cottages – 140 pcs. Kiev region, 2013 – 2014

Kiev Region

Example of a house, built based on the TAABS technology - a residential apartment building, Kiev region, 2 blocks of 300 m2, the first stage (the total number of units - 7), 3 floors, 2013-2014 p.

An office building located near Hodosevka

Stages of construction of the building using the technology TAABS – a house with built-in office facilities, Kiev region, 1500 m2, 3 floors, 2011

Monthly power consumption:

  • for heating 4.5 kV * hour per 1 m2;
  • for cooling of the building to 1.5 kV*hour per 1 m2.