Tests of the strength of products and designs.

Heating engineering studies of products and constructions.

Present time

Integrated study of the strength, climate and hygiene parameters and comfort features of building structures.
The development of BIM (building information models).
Universal adaptable buildings.

"KyivZNDIEP" was created in 1963 year, as the zonal (Ukraine, Moldova, Caucasus) Research Institute of experimental and typical design of residential and public buildings.

"KyivZNDIEP" - is about 60% of typical construction housing projects in Kyiv, Ukraine;Research center ("Base", "left bank") was established in 1965 year.

Серія 480

At the beginnings of the "Base" stood Ph.D. Sorokin A. M. With strong regard to his involvement "power floor" - stand for testing full-size buildings on various impacts including seismic activity - was designed and created. The engineer also initiated creation of the laboratory for testing windows. Nowadays Sorokin A. M. is an advisor to the head of the "Base".

Other specialists of the Center were such famous engineers as Y. Y. Karakis, A. Gorodetsky, S.G. Chechelnitsky, I.M. Syhalov, G.I. Granatkin, V. I. Ezhov, A. I. Zavarov and others.

The former head of the center Ph.D. L. V. Chernych has long been effectively developed the "Base" as well as climatic probationary complex in its composition.

The pride of the present staff and engineers responsible for the static test are T. N. Iokova and other.